Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Welcome New Honors Biology Students

Hi all,
If you found your way here you are one of the smart cookies. On this blog I will provide you with tips on tests and quizzes and ask for your opinion on various class issues. Please feel free to post comments on what helps and what does not so I know what's helping. For the scientific method quiz on Thursday 9/17/09 it will be 15 points. Here is the break down:
The first 5 points you will need to arrange the steps of the scientific method.
The next 4 questions you need to know the following terms: control group, experimental group, confounding variable, independent variable, and dependent variable.
The next question is a math problem like the first example of the math review.
The last 5 are pretty easy so I'm not going to give you any hints.

Good luck on your first quiz and add a comment if you want me to do more of these.