Tuesday, February 11, 2014

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23.     DNA ligase                            
24.      P32                                    
25.     DNA polymerase                   
26.     Restriction enzyme                
27.     P32                                         
Autosomal dominant trait
        Degenerative neuromuscular disease; has late onset                        
(around age 40)
        Abnormal hemoglobin leads to deformed red blood cells                
        Sex-influenced trait; affects males more often                                       
       Occurs as a result of nondisjunction; three chromosome #21        
3      Blood clotting disorder; bleeder’s disease    

        Answers to above questions not in order
 Down syndrome
Sickle cell anemia
Reconnects DNA strands
Short piece of DNA that is radioactively labeled and used to find a piece of DNA
Pattern baldness 
Enzyme that copies DNA 
Huntington disease 
Cuts DNA at specific spots 
Radioactive isotope used in gel electrophoresis 

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